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Good year to get married?

A reporter from a local English newspaper called me to ask if next year would be a particularly good time for getting married because there would be a “leap month”.

In modern Western astrology, no year is considered especially “good” or “bad” for getting married. Whether a marriage will go well depends on the basic compatibility of the couple which can be assessed through a technique called “synastry”, i.e. to compare the two people’s birth charts and see how they’re likely to interact and respond to each other. For example, for somebody who needs a lot of space to pursue his/her own hobbies, how will s/he respond to a partner that wants them to spend a lot of time together? The same person may react differently to different people who more or less wants the same thing from him/her. That person may go along happily, grudgingly or just refuse to go along, etc, depending on who asks (and other factors), but that still won’t change the person’s basic relationship style which is to have a lot of personal space.

But having said that, as Jupiter, the planet of “good luck and advancement”, is in Libra (the zodiac sign of “balance in relationships”), it’ll be a good idea to explore relationship issues from now on until mid-October next year. This period also favours restoring balance and harmony to a relationship that has long been too lopsided, like one in which one side has gained a lot at the expense of the other. How could there be genuine harmony and peace if it’s an unfair relationship?

Then can Western astrologers help couples choose a good time for the wedding? The answer is “yes”. There’s a branch of astrology called “Electional Astrology”. For a wedding, the astrologer will need to choose a date and time favourable for marriage and—study how that interacts with the birth charts of the couple. This last part is especially important, for no time choice is universally “good”. Different people react differently to the same thing. A metaphor is: If the stocks market goes up, does it mean everybody will make money??

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Based in Hong Kong, Belinda has got over 10 years of chart-reading experience and holds four university degrees, including Psychology and Counselling. Before becoming a professional astrologer, she was doing a highly stable and well-paid job. She switched careers because astrology had simply changed her life… Read on

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