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Concept: What's The Use?

There are times when we don't know what to do or how to choose. We don't know what suits us most. It's especially so when something bad happens or when we're stuck in a difficult situation, we feel let down, suffer and may even feel like "victims of fate".


There are other times when we may not have run into any big problems, but we do feel an urge to try something new, simply because we've been on the same path for a long time already. We just want to figure out what that “something new” could be.

And there are also times when nothing has happened, but we just want to understand ourselves a little bit better...


Each of us was born with immense potential and strength, but other people or we ourselves may have never appreciated it, or even discovered it! The birth chart in Western astrology is like a map of our psyche, showing our unique psychological, intellectual and spiritual potential. When we are having a tough time or simply trying to find a new direction, the birth chart can act like a guidebook.


Although we may not always be able to choose the situation we find ourselves in, we can always choose how to deal with it, thus actively shaping our own future. If we become clearer about our life’s direction and potential, we can move forward with greater confidence and motivation. This is how astrology can best help.


Specialising in career and relationship issues as well as relocation astrology, Hong Kong astrologer Belinda incorporates psychotherapy techniques into consultation sessions to ensure a two-way communication with clients, working out a new direction together with them.


Using astrology as a tool for Healing and Inspiration, Belinda offers individual, children and couples consultation services, in addition to classes and talks, all conducted online.

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