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Venus Signs: 12 Styles of Love

In modern astrology, based on clients’ birth data, astrologers draw up birth charts by delineating at least 10 heavenly bodies/planets, each symbolizing a different kind of need and Venus represents the need for love, affection and appreciation. The zodiac sign in which Venus falls shows how a person expresses and best appreciates love.

Venus Signs: 12 Styles of Love

(Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay)

The 12 zodiac signs can be divided into four categories according to ‘elements’: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Venus in Fire Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Those with Venus in these signs show their love and affection warmly and openly. Guessing games (or subtlety) aren’t their cup of tea. They feel loved and admired when others appreciate their expressiveness, enthusiasm and creative vision. The differences among these three signs are while Venus in Aries relishes a good fight with partner from time to time (and most importantly — to come out on top!), Venus in Leo is more keen on being treated like an emperor or empress, i.e. with a grand, dramatic gesture. I think the phrase ‘declaration of love’ was first coined by someone with Venus in Leo, for this is exactly what the planet in this sign would want!

Both Aries and Leo love to be the boss in a relationship, but Venus in Sagittarius doesn’t care so much about ego massages as much as about freedom in relationships. They would appreciate a partner who respects their freedom of choice (i.e. what to think, do and say), widens their horizons and is keen on adventures.

Venus in Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Unlike the fire signs which are concerned with actively expressing who they are in love, Venus in the water signs expresses love with sensitivity and deep feelings, not a show to be seen and applauded (wonder what Venus in Leo would say?). Emotional connection is the key to make Venus in water signs feel loved and appreciated, but the three signs differ somewhat on what qualifies as ‘emotional connections’: For Venus in Cancer, connection is made when love is expressed by giving or receiving care in a motherly way. If your partner has got Venus in Cancer, cooking a good meal or buying him/her a warm scarf because the weather is getting cold is a good way to make him/her feel loved. Helping to take care of his/her family also counts a lot.

I’d say while Venus in Cancer is the most sentimental among the three water signs, Venus in Scorpio requires the deepest emotional connections. It may not be easy for them to fall in love, but once they do, it’s hard for them to let go. Connections are made when love becomes something almost obsessive, like a matter of life-or-death for them. Whether they are conscious of this or not, Venus in Scorpio sees love relationships as also power relationships. They are either very submissive to their partner or perhaps more often, strive to dominate in a relationship.

In contrast, it’s far easier for Venus in Pisces to go along with anyone or anything. They may feel particularly attracted to partners or relationships that are hard-to-grasp and not readily available. They can give love without expecting anything in return and may also expect to receive love without giving anything on their part. A conventional and stable relationship in which the couple routinely interacts with each other face-to-face may not appeal to them a lot. They feel best loved when they feel (FEEL is the key because tangible proofs aren’t necessary for them) they can connect with another telepathically. This makes ample physical space and distance the key in a relationship with Venus in Pisces. If you define ‘romantic-ness’ as a feeling of fogginess and fantasy, then Venus in Pisces is indeed the most romantic placement.

Venus in Air Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

To make Venus in these airy signs feel loved and appreciated, intellectual rapport is essential because the they are very much about expressing ideas and exchanging them. For example, they would feel loved and cherished if you manage to buy them the right kind of books as gifts. Unlike the water signs, Venus in air would want (and need) to maintain a certain emotional distance from partners and they are more capable than other signs of seeing their partners in an unbiased light. So you can’t always expect Venus in an air sign to back you no matter what, like when you haven’t done something right and got into a fight with a third party (but Venus in water signs would go any length to support someone they love, even if their partner is in the wrong). Rationality, objectivity, fairness and reasonableness are what Venus in airy signs love.

However, the three signs differ slightly in the kind of ‘intellectual rapport’ they love: Venus in Gemini would be more into small talks (even gossips), witty jokes, clever ideas, the latest news, etc (but intellectual depth isn’t necessary) while Venus in Libra would show love by keeping the peace (like by trying to see both sides of an argument) and making things beautiful for you (like by buying you something nice and elegant). As for Venus in Aquarius, they like ‘mental shocks’ and they show love by sharing with you their outside-the-box thinking. They love exchanging ideas that are exotic, bizarre, futuristic and revolutionary. They also value frankness and can freely talk about topics that other people would probably feel too embarrassed to talk about. I’d say Venus in Aquarius is the least in need of a conventional, stable relationship. So if you want to stay in a long-term relationship with them, you would need to be their best friend too, with whom anything under the sun can be discussed.

Venus in Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

Venus in earth signs shows love in a tangible and practical way, so they’re also the most likely group to buy gifts for their loved ones. Similarly, they also expect gifts from their partners! Given how modern societies generally encourage buying and acquiring stuff and possessions, perhaps the way Venus in earth signs shows love and appreciation is the most widely understood and accepted, compared to other signs. But the three earth signs differ in the kinds of tangible (and materialistic) stuff that they equate with love: Venus in Taurus would want quality and even luxury, like fine dining, fine clothes, fine jewelry, etc. The focus isn’t really on the price tags (or the brand names) as on the actual quality of the gifts, especially those that appeal to the five senses, such as the soft fabric of the clothes or the delicious taste of the food. Venus in Taurus also appreciates the natural world, so if you buy them flowers, make sure they are fresh and fragrant.

Unlike their counterparts in Taurus, those with Venus in Virgo would love small, unassuming presents. Stuff that require handiwork or craftsmanship are particularly suitable. If you knit them a scarf, for example, they are likely to appreciate it a lot, though the same may work for Venus in Cancer, for different reasons: Venus in Virgo appreciates the skills that go into the knitting (and the practical value of a scarf in cold weather) while Venus in Cancer would focus more on the love and thoughtfulness you’ve put into that. That’s the difference between Virgo as an earth sign and Cancer as a water sign. Venus in Virgo would also feel loved if their partner does the household chores or helps them with grocery shopping.

So what about Venus in Capricorn? Well, buy your partner houses, cars, yachts, etc and better still, work hard to get a top job and become some sort of a respected authority in society! Venus in Capricorn may not need you to be around very often, but they would appreciate it very much if you manage to provide them with a high social status and actual achievements to speak of. Wonder if anyone has done statistics to find out how common is it for spouses of CEOs of big corporations and top politicians to have Venus in Capricorn??

To look at a couple’s compatibility, there’s a technique called “synastry” in astrology. It looks at the Venus signs of the couple and much more. Check out this article to learn more: What Is Synastry? An astrological compatibility analysis

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Based in Hong Kong, Belinda has got over 10 years of chart-reading experience and holds four university degrees, including Psychology and Counselling. Before becoming a professional astrologer, she was doing a highly stable and well-paid job. She switched careers because astrology had simply changed her life… Read on

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