What are transits in astrology?

Are we in control of our future and destiny? Or is there some “bad luck” that we can’t possibly avoid? Planetary transits are an important forecast technique in astrology because it shows the time in which some of our inherent tendencies or potential will become overt.

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Let’s take Prince William of Britain as an example: He was born on 21 June 1982, 9.03am, Paddington, London. The birth chart is like a snapshot at the sky at the moment and from the location of his birth, detailing the positions of the planets.

What are transits then? The planets will continue to move non-stop even after one’s birth, right? When those moving in the sky form a particular angle to their positions in our charts, we’ll feel an impact. The intensity and duration of the impact depends on the planet in question as well as some other factors which we won’t go into details here. The manifestation of a transit could be through an actual event or it could just be a change in the chart owner’s state of mind, leading to actual changes in perceptions and behaviour.

The picture below shows Prince William’s birth chart (the inner circle) and the outer circle shows the transits he was having when his second child, Princess Charlotte, was born:

(Prince William's birth chart and his transits at the birth of his second child, Charlotte)

Among the several transits he was having, the square that transiting Pluto is making to his Saturn is the most significant. This suggests this is no easy time for the prince. His usual, tightly packed daily routine is being pulled apart (as Saturn rules his 6th house in Capricorn) and needs to be restructured completely. Furthermore, he may feel challenged to maintain a firm control over what he communicates to others (like over the release of news and photos of his baby daughter?).

Another possibility is, given that there are as many as four planets in the prince’s 3rd house (the house of siblings), i.e. Mars, Saturn, Pluto (joined together in Libra) and Jupiter (in Scorpio), issues that he may have long-buried in his unconscious about his younger brother Prince Harry may suddenly surface during this period: How does he compare to his younger brother? Does he find it “unfair”? Has he always felt an emotional “wall” between the two of them? Does he feel critical of his younger brother?

Transiting Pluto squaring Saturn in Libra in the 3rd house may bring up to awareness how the person has unnecessarily restricted himself due to external pressure or considerations, even if it may not be fair. For instance, William could have been too accommodating to his brother at his own expense, for fear of damaging their relationship, even if Harry has done something wrong. Transitting Pluto to William’s Saturn in Libra will bring up that suppressed sense of fairness and he would feel compelled to stand up for himself and voice his concerns with his brother.

Pluto transits never feel easy because the process is often very painful. It demands a complete overhaul of old habits and patterns or what we’ve been reluctant to let go. But painful as it is, the process is also a regenerative one. It’ll clear away the old to make room for the new, so that the chart owner will experience a “rebirth” in that area of life.

To sum up, transits mean the triggering of inborn psychological tendencies (or complexes, if you like). It doesn’t have to be negative. It could be very positive too because it gives us an opportunity to unlock our potential.

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