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What is Relocation Astrology?

Relocation has been a hot topic in Hong Kong recently. In astrology, there is a branch called "relocation astrology". It helps people find a suitable location for a specific purpose, like for career, studying, investment, retirement or love. This is because once the location is changed, the person may experience the energy in his or her own birth chart differently.

What is relocation astrology

Below shows a real-life example. To protect his privacy, let’s call him "Mr A" and keep his birth details confidential. Mr A resides in Hong Kong, but was born overseas:

What is relocation astrology? An example

(Mr A's birth chart)

As his parents are aging, Mr A wondered if he should move to Thailand where his parents are. But what about his career if he leaves Hong Kong?

We can apply the technique of astrocartography to map Mr A's birth chart onto a world map. Below shows the part relating to Southeast Asia:

Astrocartography: A real example

(Mr A's astrocartography map, focusing on Southeast Asia)

Note that an orange line marked "MC" with the Sun symbol lies fairly close to Bangkok, Thailand and passes through Singapore almost exactly.

In terms of career, the Sun in any birth chart is always an important indicator (though not the only one), as it shows the person’s greatest talent and a sense of purpose in life. Mr A’s Sun is in Capricorn in the 8th house, indicating very good organising and managerial abilities, especially with other people’s resources (money and other assets). The Sun rules the 3rd house in his chart, showing he could best express his managerial ability with other people’s resources through liaising, promoting, negotiating deals, etc.

Actually, Mr A did think of becoming a manager of artists or an organiser of cultural events, but has never had that sort of chance in Hong Kong. The map above shows Bangkok would be a good place and Singapore would be the best (in Southeast Asia at least).

To take a detailed look, we could relocate Mr A’s birth chart to Singapore by adjusting for the time and location differences, as if he were born in Singapore:

Relocation astrology: Mr A relocated to Singapore

(Relocating Mr A's birth chart to Singapore)

Here the Sun is right on the MC, indicating Mr A’s natural managerial talent would be able to shine and be recognised in Singapore, much more than in his own birth town (or in Hong Kong).

Relocation is always a major decision in life and relocation astrology is a good tool to help with that decision. For details about my range of astrological services, including relocation, click here:

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Based in Hong Kong, Belinda has got over 10 years of chart-reading experience and holds four university degrees, including Psychology and Counselling. Before becoming a professional astrologer, she was doing a highly stable and well-paid job. She switched careers because astrology had simply changed her life... Read on

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