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Concept: What's the use?

Each of us was born with immense potential and strength, but other people or we ourselves may have never appreciated it, or even discovered it! The birth chart in Western astrology is like a map of our psyche...

Astrologer Belinda's Bio

Astrologer Belinda

Belinda holds four university degrees, including Psychology and Counselling. She is also a hypnotherapist. Before becoming a professional astrologer, she had worked as a press officer in the Hong Kong government for over a decade. She gave up the stable civil service job because astrology had simply changed her life...

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Individual Consultation
 (60 mins)

Individual Consultation + Relocation Analysis

(75 mins)

Individual Consultation + Major Transits (75 mins)

  • Client's birth chart analysis

  • Major transits for next 12 months​

Individual Consultation + Relocation Analysis + Major Transits (90 mins)

  • Two people's relationship analysis for compatibility, etc

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Workshops for Personal Growth:

  1. Self-confidence: The Sun in the Birth Chart

  2. Understanding Yourself and Others: The Ascendant and the Chart Ruler

Classes to Learn Astrology​:

  1. Beginners’ Level: Uncovering Potential in the Birth Chart

  2. Intermediate Level:  Transits and Synastry

  3. Advanced Level: Integrated Reading of the Birth Chart + Reading Tricky Charts

You can form your own class!

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