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Live video consultations are conducted online via Skype and could be in English, Cantonese or Putonghua. You are welcome to book, whether you live in Hong Kong or overseas.

Consultation by appointment only. When booking, please give your detailed birth data (the year, month, date, hour, minute and birth town e.g. Hong Kong) to the best of your knowledge and your question(s).


If you have no idea about your exact birth time, just state so. The information will facilitate the preparation of your chart and its analysis in advance so that you can benefit the most from the session. 

After receiving your information, I will get in touch with you to agree on a date and time for the consultation. (Note: Hong Kong is located in time zone GMT+8. You can convert that to your local time here to get an idea). After the consultation date and time have been agreed by both parties, please complete the full payment within 24 hours with the Faster Payment System (FPS). Or, I can email you an invoice and you can make the full payment with credit card online; otherwise, the booking will be considered cancelled.


After full payment has been successfully completed, an email with a link to my Skype account will be sent to you. The consultation session will take place according to the agreed date and time. In case of changes, please let me know as soon as possible. The session can be re-scheduled once, at most.

Note: Please make sure you have proper equipment and stable, quality broadband network, with Skype preferably installed on a computer or tablet with broadband. If the session cannot be completed because of poor equipment or network connection, the consultation fee cannot be refunded.


If you wish to make a video, audio or written record of the session, please make the necessary preparations, as I would not be able to provide any recording of that kind. Many thanks!

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