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Astrologer Belinda's Bio

Belinda has got over 10 years of chart-reading experience and holds four university degrees. Before becoming a professional astrologer, she was doing a highly stable and well-paid job. She switched careers because astrology had simply changed her life.


Based in Hong Kong, she completed her secondary education at the prestigious Diocesan Girls' School and used to be interested in the Sun sign columns in newspapers and magazines as a child. After obtaining her first degree in Psychology (1st Class Honours) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she became a civil servant. At that time thinking job security was the most important thing in life, Belinda joined the government's Information Services Department and served as a press officer for well over a decade.


While working full-time, Belinda also obtained a master's degree in New Media from the Chinese University and another masters in Public Administration (with Distinction) from the University of Hong Kong.


Despite job security and career opportunities, she still felt something important was missing, but could not quite say what. The turning point came when she started studying serious astrology. The insights from the discipline were so revelatory that her outlook on life was totally transformed, so much so that eventually, she quit her stable government job to pursue a career in Western counselling astrology to help others lead a more fulfilling life.


Aiming to integrate psychotherapy techniques into her astrological work with clients, Belinda is particularly interested in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Existential psychotherapy. She also holds a master’s degree in Counselling from the University of Hong Kong and took her professional astrological studies with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London.

Belinda enjoys writing. In addition to writing for her various blogs, she has also published astrology articles in both Chinese and English on a number of platforms, including the Bastille Post, VJ Media, The Faculty of Astrological Studies, LondonMedium and U Blog. She holds webinars regularly and has published an ebook in Chinese, helping readers to learn more about their potential from their birth charts.


From personal experience, Belinda understands what it's like to create a unique and fulfilling life path, starting from ground zero and all on one's own.

Belinda practises astrology to help people identify their full potential and ways to fulfil it in the most constructive way possible. She doesn’t favour a fortune-telling approach because she knows from the depths of her experience that when people are in difficulties, the last thing they need is to have someone telling them their birth charts are somehow “flawed” in this or that respects! What they really need is a – WAY OUT! Or at least a suitable direction they could try!


Belinda has named the company "Astro Pastures" because when people are having a hard time or at cross-roads, they need time and space to re-discover or re-assess their own needs and potential, helped along by tips from someone experienced and supportive, so that they can find their inspiration and strength again to walk on a life path that truly belongs to them. She also offers private astrology lessons, from Beginners' to Advanced Levels, on top of doing consultations.

Counselling astrologer Belinda

Counselling Astrologer
Belinda Lai

  • Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Studies at Faculty of Astrological Studies, London

  • Master of Social Science in Counselling, HKU

  • Master of Public Administration (Distinction), HKU

  • Master of Science in New Media, CUHK

  • Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology (1st Class Hons), CUHK

Publication (ebook in Chinese, click the picture below for details):

想認識自己的潛能嗎?占星學的啓示 給初學者的西洋占星書

My Facebook blog (English):

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