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Freedom from power

The UK has already made its decision to leave the European Union. Having lost this EU referendum, the career of Prime Minister David Cameron is over too. Politicians seek power because they think they can do much more in office. But that’s not always true. The ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown is an excellent example.

(Part of picture: Screenshot from The Guardian)

Though his public image may suggest otherwise (MC in Capricorn), Brown is actually a Piscean – and very strongly so: His Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Venus (and the North Node) are all in Pisces and in the 12th house (the house of Neptune which rules Pisces). His Libra Neptune is on the Descendant too, significantly colouring his approach to partnership and co-operation. Adding to that is his Aquarian Mercury: Though technically in the 11th house, it’s so close to the cusp of the 12th that it could be considered in the 12th too. I can’t think of another politician with a stronger Piscean/Neptunian emphasis.

The best way to use the Piscean/Neptunian energy is through selfless service, but when a person is running for office, chasing after political power, how “selfless” could one be?

His MC-IC axis is conjoined by two other planets: Cancerian Uranus is right on his IC, opposite the Capricorn Chiron in the 9th house, conjunct his MC. The Uranus-Chiron opposition is a planetary combination shared by many born in the 20th century. As this pair falls right on Brown’s MC-IC, it means he’s particularly sensitive to the pain and suffering of those who’ve been badly affected by upheavals in the family and the homeland, for those in power are somehow “handicapped” and lack the capacity to do much.

When he himself was Prime Minister, he felt the full force of his own Capricorn Chiron: Even if he’d wanted to do a lot, the popularity of his party had already been badly damaged by the 10-year-long tenure of his predecessor Tony Blair who made the ill-considered decision to invade Iraq. Brown was kicked out of office three years later in the general election in May 2010.

Interestingly, it was after Brown had lost power that his massive Piscean energy had the opportunity to flex its muscles by agreeing to help a former rival: Brown was widely credited for having single-handedly prevented Scotland from leaving the United Kingdom in the referendum in September 2014. He was willing to help even if it was a dire situation created by the man who had defeated and succeeded him as Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Similarly, in the EU referendum concluded just now, Brown once more stepped forward to help, even though it was again an irresponsible political gamble initiated by Cameron.

Brown’s transits are worth noting: Pluto was right on his MC when he was kicked out of Downing Street in May 2010, aptly reflecting his fall from power because of the popular will. By the time the Scottish independence vote took place, Aries Uranus was right on his Ascendant, symbolizing his heroic efforts in saving the unity of the UK, called upon by Cameron just days before the vote.

Capricorn Chiron represents the pain of lacking power, authority and respect from others. People may initially try to compensate by seeking power, but even if they succeed, they will find their authority rejected by others. The experience is painful, but also fruitful, for they’ll discover a new freedom and space to do much more when not in power.

We often hear people say "freedom from hunger", “freedom from want”, “freedom from fear”, etc. I’ve yet to hear anyone talk about “freedom from power”. Capricorn Chiron means exactly that.

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