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2024 US presidential election: Who will win again?

Following my article back in September 2020 that predicted a Biden-Harris Administration, in this article I’ll look at the 2024 US presidential election which will see a re-match between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

2024 US presidential election: Who will win again?
2024 US presidential election: Who will win again?

Actually, not long after Biden had been declared the winner by media outlets in November 2020, I already remarked in an online astrology group that the two men would be running again in 2024 and Biden would win again. As a re-match between the two men is now turning into reality (as at May 2024), I’ll explain why I thought what I thought even back in 2020, adding some recent observations below:

Major synodic cycles

A major reason is the big planetary picture. The year 2020 was an extraordinary one because it saw the start of three major synodic cycles (Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn). It was pretty much the January 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction which marked the start of the pandemic that really spelled the end of Trump’s presidency. Without COVID, most commentators agreed he would've won.


As 2020 was the year Trump was ousted, that indicated to me he belonged to an era that had passed already - but of course, that doesn't mean he and his base wouldn't try to fight back.


And 2024 (and 2025) is exactly a year in which the three planetary cycles that started in 2020 will reach a critical juncture. Below shows the relevant transiting aspects (in US Eastern Time) from Cafe Astrology:


The Saturn-Pluto cycle: 2024-25

May 6, 2024 7:48 AM Saturn 17 Pisces 06 semi-square Pluto 2 Aquarius 06

Sep 25, 2024 7:12 PM Saturn 14 Pisces 42 semi-square Pluto 29 Capricorn 42

Jan 26, 2025 7:44 PM Saturn 16 Pisces 53 semi-square Pluto 1 Aquarius 53


The Jupiter-Pluto cycle: 2024

Jun 2, 2024 8:12 PM Jupiter 1 Gemini 53 trine Pluto 1 Aquarius 53


The Jupiter-Saturn cycle: 2024-25

Aug 19, 2024 5:46 PM Jupiter 17 Gemini 28 square Saturn 17 Pisces 28

Dec 24, 2024 4:59 PM Jupiter 14 Gemini 01 square Saturn 14 Pisces 01

Jun 15, 2025 10:36 AM Jupiter 1 Cancer 18 square Saturn 1 Aries 18


The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is particularly important in the Biden Administration chart, with both planets still conjunct in the 10th, forming an Aquarius stellium with the Sun (and Mercury too, depending on the orb used). As the Sun represents the President and the Administration, Biden’s task is to deliver on that Aquarian Jupiter-Saturn platform, or at least to lay the foundation for subsequent years to come.


As an interesting aside: The first square between Jupiter and Saturn will be EXACT on the very first day of the Democratic National Convention to be held in Chicago. See the chart below:

The Biden Admin and Jupiter squares Saturn (1st hit)
The Biden Admin and Jupiter squares Saturn (1st hit)

Using Administration charts

As noted above, I'm using Administration charts for this election. Although astrologers mostly use natal charts of presidential candidates to predict the election outcome by looking at their transits, progressions, solar arcs, solar returns, etc, this year is particularly difficult. Trump has many lawsuits going on and Biden’s son Hunter is likely to be put on trial too. Both men are well beyond normal retirement age, their physical and mental fitness is also a major background concern. By just using forecasting techniques on their natal charts, it’ll be hard to tell which astrological indicator is about their private lives and which about their political careers.


That’s why I suggest using the Administration charts for both men: As both have been President, their ideology, policies, political alliances, etc will surely show signs of continuation or termination as a result of the election, independent of what’s going on in their private lives. And needless to say, they never rise or fall as mere individuals. They also represent an entire political party or even a "social movement", with an intricate web of interests behind them.


As far as I’ve seen, Admin charts are surprisingly under-used in the astrological community, even though they are always accurately timed (because the beginning and end of each Administration is already stipulated by the Constitution). However, in looking at Admin charts, there are several things to note:


1)    Beginning with Franklin R Roosevelt’s second term in 1937, each subsequent Administration always starts on January 20 (or the 21st if the 20th is a Sunday) at noon, every four years (except for those extraordinary instances in which the Vice-presidents take over the job, like after Richard Nixon’s resignation or John F Kennedy’s death)


2)    This means the positions of the angles and the Sun of each Admin chart are practically the same, with Venus always being the Chart Ruler (either in the 9th or the 11th house) and Saturn being the ruler of the MC, 9th and 11th houses


3)    That’s why transits to Venus and Saturn in Admin charts are especially important in showing whether an Admin would continue or be terminated, though transits to other parts of the two Admin charts (where natal positions differ) should also be considered

4)    BUT it should be noted that owing to the orbital nature of Venus and the regularity of US Presidential Inaugurations, Venus in any new Admin chart is always either conjunct or sextile Venus in any previous Admin

2024 US Presidential Election: A Full Moon

Although the polling day of the 2024 presidential election is on November 5, with absentee voting and voting-by-mail gaining in popularity in recent years, it’s been increasingly hard to tell when voting really begins, or when the counting of votes will conclude. In any case, I think we can safely say by the Full Moon in Taurus on November 15, a result would’ve emerged.

For the Biden Admin chart

Below shows the Biden Admin chart at the time of the Full Moon:

The Biden Admin and the Nov Full Moon in Taurus
The Biden Admin and the Nov Full Moon in Taurus

This Full Moon is particularly significant because it’ll be tightly conjunct Uranus, and in soft aspects with Neptune and Pluto, activating all three outer planets at the same time. For both Admin charts, transiting Pluto will be in an approaching conjunction with the Sun and trine the MC-IC axis. Hence, what’s more telling is the other transits.


In the Biden Admin chart, the Full Moon will be in soft aspects with Pluto (which is conjunct the MC from the 9th), at a time when transiting Uranus is also trine the Admin’s Pluto. Admittedly, this alone isn’t very conclusive, for it could either mean the Admin is "toppled" by a rebellious population (which has cast a massive protest vote?), OR it’s been unexpectedly "empowered" by the people, clearing away threats overhanging its authority.


Other important transits are:

  • Transiting Pluto moving away from an exact square with the Admin’s Moon in the 12th – The most anxious period (caused by the waiting for the counting to end?) starts to wane?

  • Transiting Mars moving towards an exact opposition to the Admin’s Saturn in the 10th - Massive resistance to its authority reaching boiling point?  

  • Transiting North Node tightly conjunct Chiron – Grievances highlighted?

  • Most importantly, transiting Jupiter will be EXACTLY conjunct the Admin’s North Node - Strongly suggesting "further growth" is possible for the Admin?


For the Trump Admin chart

As for the Trump Admin chart, it's much less ambiguous: The Full Moon forms soft aspects to the Admin’s Mars-Chiron conjunction in Pisces in the 11th house, rather strongly indicative of a "failed attempt" or "rejected efforts" carried out by the Admin's political allies. This doesn’t look like an "election victory" to me:

The Trump Admin and the Nov Full Moon in Taurus
The Trump Admin and the Nov Full Moon in Taurus

On top of that, transiting retrograde Chiron is just moving away from an exact conjunction with the Admin's Uranus in the 12th, again suggesting a sense of woundedness and disillusion, as if in a "failed uprising".

The 2025 Administration chart

To find out whether it’s the Trump or Biden Admin that will continue, I think the most straight-forward way is to compare their charts with the 2025 Administration that will be inaugurated on January 20, noon!

Let's look at this new Admin chart first:

The 2025 US Administration chart
The 2025 US Administration chart

A few key features of this new Admin chart are:

  • Remember the synodic cycles mentioned at the beginning of this article? Saturn will be moving towards the third and last semi-square with Pluto (exact on January 26)

  • Chart Ruler Venus is closely conjunct Saturn (Ruler of MC, the 9th & 11th houses) in the 11th – Remarkable that the ASC and MC rulers are "aligned" like this, showing the new Admin's path forward and public image are one-and-the-same, i.e. dependent on domestic, partisan politics (the 11th house, like the Congress). But Venus being this tightly conjunct Saturn is never a comfortable combination

  • As Venus is conjunct Saturn, it'll be semi-squaring Pluto too

  • The Sun is almost exactly conjunct Pluto (in fact, the aspect will become exact the next day, Jan 21) and tightly semi-squared by Saturn

  • As the Sun in the 10th (the President/Federal Authority) and Venus in the 11th (Congress) are both sandwiched by the Saturn-Pluto semi-square, this shows significant tension and deadlock between the two, with each Branch trapped in its own "cage" (because conjoined by the heavy planets)?


  • A Cardinal Grand-cross formed by the Moon, Chiron, Mercury and Mars. A major outlet for this very proactive, dynamic but enclosed energy is to "flow" to the Venus-Saturn conjunction (plus Neptune), across the 11th and 12th houses. This again emphasizes whatever initiatives there are from the Executive Branch or if there're any conflicting situations arising for the country, it'll ultimately depend on partisan politics and Congress. The Executive Branch can't do much on its own.

  • Retrograde Mars conjunct the IC from the 3rd, hence also opposite the MC and the Sun-Pluto conjunction in the 10th - A very stubborn resistance to new Administration’s authority, trying to sabotage its very foundation

For the Biden Admin chart

Below shows the Biden Admin chart (inner wheel) and the 2025 Admin chart (outer wheel) which is being treated as transits to the former:

The Biden Admin and the 2025 Admin charts
The Biden Admin and the 2025 Admin charts

As mentioned earlier, Venus in any new Admin chart is always either conjunct or sextile Venus in any previous Admin chart, but this time Venus is also accompanied by Saturn. By the time of the 2025 Inauguration, this transiting Venus-Saturn conjunction will be just past an exact sextile with Venus in the Biden Admin chart, showing a "popular consolidation" of sorts, though the margin could be narrow.


Even more interesting is, guess when transiting Saturn will be exactly sextile Biden Admin’s Venus?? January 8!! Just two days after Congress should’ve counted the electoral votes!


The Venus-Saturn conjunction is also moving towards an exact conjunction with Neptune in the 11th, denoting partisan politics. Neptune in the 11th has a feeling of "hollowness" to it, as if "just for show" and the transiting conjunction will expose that. So if the Biden Admin could continue, they may try to rectify the situation, but it would be like trying to build a solid, beautiful house (Venus-Saturn) on water (Neptune)…


In the longer-run, transiting Pluto will be conjunct the Biden Admin’s Saturn (the first exact conjunction will be in February 2026) and the rest of the Aquarian planets in the 10th. This surely indicates very tumultuous times ahead for a Biden Admin 2.0.


Other key features of the 2025 Admin chart for the Biden Admin chart are:

  • The Grand-cross (Moon, Chiron, Mercury & Mars): The Biden Admin’s Mercury in the 10th will be in soft aspects with the Moon-Chiron opposition – New policy ideas to cater for the disenfranchised?

  • Retrograde Mars in Cancer (which hovers over any Admin chart’s IC) is virtually exactly opposite the Biden Admin’s Pluto (closely conjunct the MC from the 9th)!! This clearly shows the opposition or resistance will be directed against the Biden Admin 1.0!!

For the Trump Admin chart

Meanwhile, below shows the Trump Admin chart and the 2025 Admin chart:

The Trump Admin and the 2025 Admin charts
The Trump Admin and the 2025 Admin charts

As Venus returns to basically the same spot in the zodiac every 8 years, the 2025 Inauguration will also be the exact Venus Return (accompanied by Saturn and semi-squared by Pluto) for the Trump Admin. Transiting Saturn will be exactly conjunct Venus in the Trump Admin chart after the Inauguration, on February 3.

If the 2020 Saturn-Pluto conjunction marked "the beginning of the end" of Trump's tenure in office, this Saturn-Pluto semi-square represents another milestone along this line...


Other key features of the 2025 Admin chart for the Trump Admin chart are:

  • The Grand-cross: Chiron is conjunct the Trump Admin’s Uranus, and Mercury is conjunct the Admin’s Pluto in the 9th


  • And retro Mars in Cancer: It’ll trine Trump Admin’s own Mars in the 11th!!! That Mars from the 2025 Admin definitely looks more like a help than a threat, unlike for the Biden Admin!

I know Trump has threatened to become a "dictator" and "punish" people from the Biden Admin if he's re-elected. The above transits could indeed be interpreted that way. But because the 2025 Admin chart itself has Mars opposite its own MC and Sun-Pluto conjunction, that looks more like the Biden Admin 1.0 continuing as the 2025 Admin and so has become the target of attacks. If it were the Trump Admin that continued, I’d think Mars should be somewhere a lot more helpful in the 2025 Admin chart, wouldn’t it?

Solar Arcs of Biden & Trump Admin charts at 2025 Inauguration

If some of you feel the transits mentioned above don't sound "conclusive" enough, when we compare the Solar Arcs of each Admin at the time of the 2025 Inauguration, things should be much clearer.

As Solar Arcs are in effect for around two years, I’ll focus on the applying (or close to exact) aspects here.

For the Biden Admin

Most notably, Solar Arc MC will be approaching to an exact conjunction with the Sun for the Biden Admin.  It could well indicate a period of "crowning glory".

Since the MC in any Admin chart is always around Capricorn 26° and the Sun around Aquarius 0°, any Admin inaugurated after 4 years will always have its Solar Arc MC conjunct the Sun! This explains, astrologically, why most US Presidents do get a consecutive, second term!

Another "favourable" indicator is that Solar Arc Sun will be sextile Chiron in the 12th, showing a kind of "vindication for previously hidden grievances".

The Biden Admin & Solar Arcs at 2025 Inauguration
The Biden Admin & Solar Arcs at 2025 Inauguration

However, Solar Arc ASC will be in applying square to Mercury in the 10th and applying sextile to Neptune in the 11th. If I had to speculate, I’d say this indicates promising more than the Admin could deliver, because of a dysfunctional Congress? It might also mean policy ideas that are too "woke" and idealistic (natal Mercury in Aquarius) that distract the Admin from dealing with economic or fiscal issues (Solar Arc ASC in Taurus) which should be the real way forward.

Solar Arc Pluto will be closely squaring the Moon, showing a very anxious population. Meanwhile, Solar Arc Moon will be squaring natal Saturn, suggesting a growing disconnection from the public mood by the authority.

For the Trump Admin

Again, if the Biden Admin doesn’t seem to be in a good shape at the time of the 2025 Inauguration, the indicators for the Trump Admin are even worse.

The most important indicators are that Solar Arc Pluto will be moving towards exact conjunction with the MC while the Sun will be exactly squared by Solar Arc Jupiter, strongly suggestive of being "hauled out of office" as if by storm:

The Trump Admin & Solar Arcs at 2025 Inauguration
The Trump Admin & Solar Arcs at 2025 Inauguration

However, Solar Arc Venus is also moving towards exact soft aspects with the MC-IC. Similarly, Solar Arc Moon is trine Venus and sextile Pluto. Solar Arc Chiron is also sextile the Sun.

Taking all these together, I think the Trump Admin will "continue" in the sense of being increasingly like a "populist, grassroots movement" in the streets, rather than one running for public office, and gaining momentum along the way. This again echoes the retrograde Mars conjunct IC in the new Admin chart...

Mars transits and key procedural dates

As that retrograde Mars in Cancer on the IC is such a crucial feature for the new Administration, it would be useful to trace its trajectory over the IC (bearing in mind all Admin charts have practically the same angles in the zodiac):


Oct 25, 2024: Mars in Cancer exactly conjunct IC


Nov 3, 2024: Mars in Cancer exactly opposite transiting Pluto in Capricorn


Nov 5, 2024: Election Day


Dec 6, 2024: Mars stationary retrograde at Leo 6 deg 10 mins, tightly squaring the 12th-house Mars-Uranus conjunction in the Biden Admin chart!!:

The Biden Admin and Mars stationary retro (Dec 6, 2024)
The Biden Admin and Mars stationary retro (Dec 6, 2024)

Dec 17, 2024: Electors meet in their respective States and vote for President and Vice President on separate ballots

Dec 25, 2024: Deadline for electoral votes to be received by the President of the Senate and the Archivist


Jan 3, 2025: Retrograde Mars in Leo exactly squaring opposite Pluto in Aquarius


Jan 6, 2025: Congress counts electoral votes. Retrograde Mars moves back to Cancer


Jan 20, 2025: Presidential inauguration


Jan 25, 2025: Retrograde Mars in Cancer conjunct IC, again


Feb 23, 2025: Mars stationary direct at Cancer 17 deg 00 mins, tightly opposite Pluto and sextile Venus in the Trump Admin chart:

The Trump Admin and Mars stationary direct (23 Feb 2025)
The Trump Admin and Mars stationary direct (23 Feb 2025)

Apr 8, 2025: Mars in Cancer (direct) conjunct IC, one last time


I’ll leave the interpretations of the above to you all... If you would like to comment on this article, you're invited to do so here:

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