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Your Saturn sign: In Earth/Air vs In Fire/Water

Saturn rules the Earth sign Capricorn and the Air sign Aquarius (which is co-ruled by Uranus as well). It’s exalted in Libra, another Air sign, but is considered debilitated in Cancer (a Water sign), Leo and Aries (both Fire).

Your Saturn sign: In Earth/Air vs In Fire/Water
Your Saturn sign: In Earth/Air vs In Fire/Water

My clinical observations also show that Saturn is usually much more comfortable in Earth and Air signs in general (even in Taurus, Virgo or Gemini), rather than in Fire or Water signs.

One way to understand this is, as Saturn is about "tangible achievements" and "social norms", what's considered an achievement is defined by social norms too, and in the modern world materialistic achievements, like money, houses, cars, fancy dinners, etc, (all Earth domains) and intellectual achievements, like academic or professional credentials, technological inventions, etc (Airy stuff), are easier to receive recognition in the first place (and monetised subsequently).

But if someone has demonstrated incredible emotional resilience (like taking good care of family members with serious chronic illnesses, as in Saturn in Cancer or Scorpio), would their achievements be recognised as easily by society?? Let alone "monetised"!

The same goes for Saturn in Fire signs: For someone who suffered from low self-esteem in early years, but somehow has managed to become a lot more self-confident by taking on tasks that challenge their creativity and courage (as for Saturn in Leo or Aries), societies seldom recognise that as much as materialistic or intellectual achievements either.

Astrologically, I think that’s because Water and Fire are both "subjective" signs while Saturn by nature requires "objective, independent proofs" which inherently favour Earth and Air.

However, if your Saturn is in Fire or Water, don’t despair. Just rest at ease that your achievement is still an incredible achievement. Actually, I think the real problem for people with Saturn in these signs is that, they simply don’t see their achievements as achievements - because they've been unduly influenced by society's definition of "achievements" too. They can't see the true value of what they’ve achieved!

The most significant planetary transit in the year 2021 is the three exact square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, in mid-February, mid-June and on Christmas Eve. There have been many interpretations of what this means, but I think a very valid one is (but not often mentioned?): An awakening and liberation of values which have been too narrowly defined by traditions and social norms.

What do you think? What's your Saturn sign?

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