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North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio explained - In simple words!

The Nodes will switch signs on January 19, with the North Node (NN) going into Taurus and the South Node (SN) entering Scorpio. They will stay in these signs until July 23, 2023… What does that mean, in plain English?

North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio explained
North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio explained - In simple words!

The transiting Nodes represent lessons the world will need to learn (as indicated by the NN sign) and the baggage it will have to leave behind (as shown by the SN sign). With the NN in Taurus and the SN in Scorpio, the easiest way to understand it is: Stop asking "why". Just DO it!!

Scorpio always wants to get to the bottom of everything, never taking anything or anyone at face value. This would be constructive as long as understanding the underlying reasons could solve the problem or make things better.

However, in its destructive form, Scorpio is deeply mistrustful and constantly anxious about "what if" something bad happens. It represents a compulsive need to get to the bottom of everything or to assume control, otherwise it can't rest in peace! The person may also get so entangled in all the "what ifs" and conspiracy theories that nothing is being done to address the actual problem! It poisons the mind and freezes the person while the problem just gets worse and worse…

With the SN passing through Scorpio in the next 18 months, all these excesses and destructiveness of Scorpio would become apparent and need to be discarded – for the sake of the NN in Taurus, i.e. for the sake of doing something pragmatic and productive to solve a problem right in front of you, for the sake of peace of mind, for the sake of living in the moment and just enjoying the simple abundance that life offers, leaving behind all the anxieties, mistrust and "what ifs" that won't really get us anywhere.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think things through before acting. It just means you’ll need to get rid of the EXCESSIVE thinking and worrying that won't solve any problem.

For example, recently I paid a deposit to get something done and asked for the official receipt to be emailed to me. The payment was acknowledged immediately, but after nearly two weeks, I still hadn’t received the official receipt. My initial reaction was to email the person and ask "why you still haven’t sent me the receipt?", but I realised learning the reason wouldn't really solve my problem. It might also make the other person unnecessarily defensive and even sidetrack the issue. I decided to rephrase and leave out the "why" part and just asked the receipt to be sent to me as soon as possible – and I got it almost right away! Problem solved!!!

Both Taurus and Scorpio are Fixed Signs, only that the former is Fixed Earth and the latter is Fixed Water. Both tend to accumulate: Taurus accumulates material comforts and Scorpio accumulates feelings and emotions, and negative emotions like anger and fear could linger on for a long time. Scorpio's transformation lies in purging these negative emotions from time to time.

In my example above, the initial thought "WHY you still haven't sent me the receipt?" does carry a lot of impatience and annoyance. With the SN in Scorpio, it’s time to release these negativities and just focus on the task on hand and what needs to be done (NN in Taurus)!!

If you have planets in Scorpio, when the South Node is conjunct them, it could feel like a "cleansing" process, removing whatever unhealthy or detrimental habits you have in expressing those planets.

If you have Taurean planets, when the North Node moves over them, you may discover a new way of harnessing their potential, or unearth some previously unused potential. The ultimate goal, like with any other planetary transits, is to encourage us to fulfil the inborn potential we have in the birth charts.

Good luck and keep trying!

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