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Chiron in Astrology: The potential for healing in 2021 (Part 2)

In my last article, we've looked at the hurt and healing potential represented by Chiron in Aries. This article will look at the major transits that Chiron has in 2021.

But first, we'll need to know how much ground Chiron will cover in 2021.

Chiron's path in 2021

Chiron will start off the year in 5°03' Aries, direct. It will continue with its onward journey in Aries until it reaches 12°56' when it begins retrogradation on July 16. It will keep moving backwards until December 20 when it turns direct again at 8°26'. By the year ends, Chiron will be at 8°30'.

Chiron direct means hurts and healing experiences will appear, but it's during retrogradation that those experiences will be digested and lessons learned. As "space" is a key to healing (see my previous article), the retrograde period of Chiron could be seen as a "time for rehab". It's particularly important for people to come to terms with whatever wounds they may have received.

This journey of hurting and healing would be aided or challenged when other planets form major aspects with Chiron during the year.

Jupiter sextile Chiron: January 12

Jan 12: Jupiter (5°16’ Aquarius) sextile Chiron (5°16’ Aries)

By the time of writing, Jupiter in Aquarius had already made its one-off, exact sextile with Chiron in Aries on January 12 (all Hong Kong time, UTC+8). Jupiter in Aquarius could mean "faith in the community and social progress". As Jupiter is a social planet and Aquarius is a universal sign, they do go well together. This placement represents a collective wish for something more beneficial for everyone. This is a good time for social reforms, peer support and medical discoveries. People have stronger faith in new technologies and are more willing to try them out. Of course, Aquarius is also a rebellious sign. Jupiter will give an extra dose of daring to rebel against the status quo.

Sextiles symbolise "opportunities", so you do need to grasp it if you want something to happen. Jupiter in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries indicates an opportunity to relieve whatever hurt feelings people may have. They might see the bigger picture now and take on a more philosophical attitude about their wounds. They could now see their own experiences as carrying a larger social significance, rather than just isolated instances which nobody cares. Therefore, they could become more open to sharing their painful experiences in having been belittled or rejected because they’re seen as "outsiders". During this period, communities in general could become warmer and more receptive towards people wronged this way too. The sharing could also point to how societies could be reformed in the future and bring healing to many.

Although Jupiter doesn't always manifest as positively as assumed (for example, as "luck"), my observations are that in connection with Chiron, Jupiter usually does manifest quite positively.

Saturn sextile Chiron: Feb 9, June 24 & Nov 27

Feb 9: Saturn (6°16’ Aquarius) sextile Chiron (6°16’ Aries)

Jun 24: Saturn (12°44’ Aquarius) sextile Chiron (12°44’ Aries)

Nov 27: Saturn (8°40’ Aquarius) sextile Chiron (8°40’ Aries)

The most important aspect that Chiron receives in 2021 is the three-time sextile from Saturn in Aquarius, exact on February 9, June 24 and November 27 – around similar times when Saturn exactly squares Uranus, also for three times, on February 18, June 15 and December 24 in 2021.

If Jupiter in Aquarius brings a stronger sense of community and faith in social progress, Saturn in Aquarius represents the challenges in executing these lofty ideals, turning them into reality. For one thing, there’s a precarious balance between individual freedoms and social responsibility (as in the case of how strict the control measures should be in curbing the pandemic). Where and how to draw the line would be a very steep learning curve.

For individuals, Saturn in Aquarius means patience and hard work are required in bringing off progressive or experimental ideas. A trial-and-error process is inevitable. The key is to learn from mistakes and consolidate what works.

As the three sextiles that Saturn makes to Chiron happen in February, June and November, i.e. in early, middle and late 2021, this shows there will be repeated opportunities this year to learn the profound lesson that "time is the best cure" for all wounds. I feel there's a lot of wisdom and serenity in this Saturn-Chiron transit. If something you’ve fought or stood up for isn't well-received by others, rest assured your time will come eventually. There's a time and place for everything and for everyone.

These Saturn-Chiron sextiles also show the importance of healthy boundaries and solitude (social distancing and quarantine!) in healing. Patience and fortitude would support healing. Rushing into things will only make it worse: When we're hurt, we of course want the pain to go away as soon as possible. But this transit shows certain things just can’t happen in the blink of an eye. Preparations and sticking to a plan will go a long way towards healing.

Given the profundity of the lesson, it's good that the world will experience this transit three times in a single year, to make sure the lesson sink in.

In the context of the pandemic, I believe this means societies would be able to come up with the right dose of measures to control the coronavirus while also considering individual freedoms – and most importantly, the general public would be more receptive than before too.

Saturn sextile Chiron vs Saturn square Uranus

I find it highly significant that these Saturn-Chiron sextiles become exact mostly just before the three exact Saturn-Uranus squares (except for the middle hit in June) in 2021. On a collective level, as more effective pandemic control measures and a greater acceptance of these measures would be more likely to emerge during these Saturn-Chiron sextiles, this should help curbing whatever irresponsible behaviour there is in the community still, held onto stubbornly by unruly individuals, as represented by Saturn squaring Uranus: Because Saturn is at home in Aquarius (therefore, extremely strong) and Uranus is debilitated in Taurus, we can safely predict that in a violent clash between these two, Saturn always wins.

On an individual level, the fact that the Saturn-Chiron sextiles mostly precede the Saturn-Uranus squares suggests that as the wisdom about "time heals" begins to sink in, people could become more confident about (and committed to) getting experimental ideas off the ground and to reform the status quo, despite whatever rejections they may have suffered previously.

North Node sextile Chiron: May 7

May 7: True North Node (11°00’ Gemini) sextile Chiron (11°00’ Aries)

The nodal axis entered Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node) in May 2020 and will stay on until January 2022.

I see the nodal axis in this pair of signs as "empty claims vs evidence" (South Node in Sagittarius, North Node in Gemini), "self-righteousness vs an open mind", "an I-know-it-all attitude vs a thirst for learning", "preaching vs dialogue", etc. The sign that the North Node is in shows the lesson the world should learn and master during the period while the South Node reflects the comfort zone we should leave.

This sextile from the North Node (and the trine from the South Node) to Chiron shows an opportunity in which people learn to focus on facts and evidence for healing, rather than blindly believing in some unsubstantiated claims (as there have been far too many since the pandemic began last year). This could also represent a healing time for those who have stood up for facts and open dialogues despite ridicule from other people. This period could feel like vindication for them.

This is a rather long article and I’ve covered the most significant aspects that Chiron receives from other heavy planets and the nodes. As for the inner planets, Venus and the Sun, interestingly, will be exactly conjunct Chiron on March 29. It’ll be Mercury’s turn to conjoin Chiron on April 9. These indicate a time to ease, shine light on and talk about the hurt and healing as symbolised by Chiron in Aries.


As seen above, Chiron won't be in any major hard aspects with other heavy planets or the nodes in 2021 (but it did square the nodes in March last year), suggesting an easier flow of healing energy if the opportunity is seized and acted upon... May the world heal.

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