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Chiron in Astrology: The potential for healing in 2021 (Part 1)

The year 2020 was a truly traumatic year. With the pandemic still raging, economies in sharp decline and politics polarised like never before, what are the chances for healing in 2021, on collective and individual levels?

Chiron in Astrology: Potential for healing
(Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay)

In talking about major planetary transits for 2021, most astrologers have focused on the three exact squares between Saturn and Uranus. It's unquestionably THE most important transit this year. But I think Chiron’s transits are also important, especially when healing, physical or emotional, is so badly needed across the globe. This article series will look at Chiron's major transits this year from the perspective of healing potential.

But first, we need to understand what kind of wounds is before us and what sort of healing is possible.

Hurt and healing of Chiron in Aries

In modern astrology, Chiron is an asteroid that is often described as the "wounded healer" and indicates where we are "wounded" through no fault of our own. Although this initial "wound" may never fully recover (that is, as if nothing had ever happened), we can heal ourselves and others, in another way.

Though Chiron is "only" an asteroid and not a planet, my personal observations are that it's extremely powerful, whether in the natal chart or as a transit. I think this is largely due to its relatively slow revolution around the Sun: Chiron takes around 50 years to complete one cycle and its orbit cuts across the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. It definitely carries a transpersonal meaning.

Chiron settled in Aries in February 2019 and will stay there until June 2026. In its best manifestation, Aries is about courage, personal power and assertiveness, as it's the first sign in the zodiac. Being first and winning matter a great deal to Aries.

Chiron passing through Aries, however, means a very painful wound is inflicted or opened. Those gutsy Aries qualities are somehow denied, belittled, ignored or rejected by social norms or what's seen as "the mainstream". Individuals feel powerless to create an impact, and their rights and dignity aren't properly respected. They feel being treated as if they didn't have a right to exist, that they didn’t possess any "validity".

In pain and anger, they may hurt other people in return, especially when they're desperate to make other people recognise their rightful existence. However, people that they hurt may not really be the "perpetuators". They could just be innocent victims like themselves.

"Space" is always a key to healing with any Chiron placement. People and societies feeling hurt should allow themselves as much space as possible to nurse their wounds. With Chiron specifically in Aries, it suggests if ample space is given, healing could come when people, in their calmer moods, start to realise the only empowerment they'll ever need (and will ever get) is from themselves. Whatever others may think or say about them, they are STILL VALID in their own right. There’s no need to argue, to push or to "convert" other people to see their point.

So, the potential for healing with Chiron in Aries is Healing through Self-affirmation. You recognise and acknowledge your own power and that's it. This is the quintessence of Aries which is Cardinal Fire: “I am what I am and that’s all that matters to ME”. No external validation or justification required. You're thus healed from the need to seek approval from other people.

Then what are the planetary factors that could help or pose challenge to this potential for healing in 2021? Check out the sequel to this article here: Chiron in Aries: The potential for healing in 2021 (Part 2)

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Based in Hong Kong, Belinda is keen to promote astrology as a tool for healing and inspiration. A holder of four university degrees, including Psychology and Counselling, she switched to a career in astrology after having worked as a press officer in the government for over a dozen years, for astrology had simply changed her outlook on life… Read on


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