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Online Astrology Classes - Private Tutoring

3. Advanced Level: Integrated Reading of Birth Chart + Tricky Charts

The most difficult stage in learning to read a birth chart is to piece different parts of the chart together to form a coherent reading, especially about issues that are of special concern to clients.

Private astrology tutoring: Advanced Level: Integrated Reading of Birth Chart + Tricky Charts

For example, in analysing career, many people think you only need to look at particular house(s) or planet(s), like the 2nd, 6th, 10th houses or the Sun. But that's a rather piecemeal approach. The birth chart is like a spider's web, with all the threads deeply intertwined. When one part is involved, the other parts will be impacted too. The chart must be considered in its entirety. This class will focus on learning and practising to read birth charts in their entirety for career and love style.

​This class will also look at some "tricky charts". For example, as the 1st house is usually associated with Aries, the 2nd with Taurus, the 3rd with Gemini, etc, what does it mean when a person's house cusps actually fall in the OPPOSITE signs, like the 1st house in Libra, the 2nd in Scorpio, the 3rd in Sagittarius, etc?? And for a birth chart with multiple retrograde planets, would the interpretation be different?... There are many other similarly interesting examples.

Conventional astrology classes seldom discuss these interpretative issues. This class aims to fill this gap in knowledge so that participants could gain a much more in-depth understanding about astrology.


The class consists of four sessions and will cover:

Lesson 1

Integrated reading: For career’s direction


Lesson 2

Integrated reading: For love style


Lesson 3

Reading "tricky" charts: The tutor will present different chart examples and lead the discussions. Student also welcome to raise other interpretative issues.


Lesson 4

Practise time: Student get to practise integrated reading of a birth chart for career and love, as well as to handle "tricky" issues.

Lecture notes (in PDF) for each lesson will be available.

Suitable for: Those who possess basic chart-reading skills and would like to improve their skills to arrive at an integrated reading of entire charts, “tricky” ones included. Those who haven't taken "Beginners' Level: Uncovering Potential in the Birth Chart" but feel confident enough about their chart-reading skills can also take this class.


Duration: The class consists of four sessions, with each lasting for 2 hours, i.e. a total of 8 hours.


Class dates & time: Negotiable

Fee: HK$5300 / US$707

Other info:

Tutor: Belinda Lai


Online conferencing software: Google Meet

(No app download required for computers. For mobile phones/tablets, the app can be downloaded for free: Android and iOS)


Registration: Please complete the form below. Belinda will contact you to discuss the class dates and time and provide details of payment methods. Fees can be paid with Faster Payment System (FPS, if you live in Hong Kong) or credit cards.


After payment has been made and receipt confirmed, a Google Meet link for the first lesson will be sent to you. Subsequent links will be sent to you at least one day before each lesson starts.



  • Subject to the technicality of Google Meet, the class will be recorded as much as possible. The video viewing link and the link to download the finalised lecture notes will be emailed to student within days after class. Both links will be valid within 30 days after sending out;

  • If student cannot attend a lesson as scheduled, please inform Belinda as soon as possible for re-scheduling. Each lesson can at most be re-scheduled once.

  • If for some reason, student has to drop out of class or re-schedule the lessons for more than once, Belinda will record the lessons alone and send the video viewing links and downloadable lectures notes to student. Student can then watch the videos on their own and email Belinda any questions about the lessons afterwards. No refund is possible, however.

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