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When people feel let down and go voting… UK’s general election

When the British Prime Minister Theresa May announced after the Easter holidays in early April that a general election would be held on June 8, virtually every commentator (and quite a few astrologers too) believed the ruling Conservative Party would win a "landslide victory" against the Labour Party which was "in shambles". Is that going to be so?

Astrologically, there are many approaches to predict the outcome of an election. In fact, every astrologer has his or her own approach. But according to my observations and experience, the chart based on the start of polling always gives vital information about the mood in which the public goes voting, hence the eventual outcome: Are people looking for change? To maintain the status quo? To prevent some totally unacceptable candidate from being elected, etc?

Below shows the chart for the exact moment the polls will open in Britain’s general election on June 8:

Chart for Britain's 2017 general election

For me, the most eye-catching feature of the chart is Neptune being right on the MC. Chiron in Pisces is also in the 10th house. Both are very strong indicators of a general mood of disillusion about the status quo when people go voting. As we know, when people feel so disappointed, that’s never a good sign for the ruling party.

Exactly because people feel so disillusioned, Neptune also suggests a yearning for a “saviour” or “utopia”. People may easily fall prey to politicians’ unrealistic promises of all the goodies in life.

The Ascendant is also important because it shows the manner in which people make their choices. In this general election chart, the Ascendant is in Cancer, ruled by the Sagittarian Moon in the 5th house. This means when people cast their ballots, they are most concerned with issues like home ownership, homeland security, protecting national interests and welfare payments – and they make their candidate choices by taking a "leap of faith" (the Moon is in the exuberant, optimistic sign of Sagittarius).

However, people won’t make their choices without first undergoing some internal debates. By the time the polls open, the Moon has just passed an exact opposition with Gemini Mercury in the 11th house.

Mercury in Gemini is strong because Gemini is its own sign, meaning the arguments that people hear in the public arena about the pros and cons of each political party are never lacking and they all sound very smart and persuasive, making it difficult to decide. However, by the time the polls begin, people would’ve JUST moved beyond this difficult decision-making process and made up their minds. This indicates the very last days of the campaigning period will have a decisive effect on people’s decisions.

Another prominent feature of the chart is Capricorn Pluto being right on the Descendant. If the Ascendant represents voters’ outlook and concerns, then the Descendant represents the subject of their concerns, i.e. the capabilities and manifestos of politicians and political parties. Pluto in Capricorn unmasks anyone and anything it touches, even if they used to appear to be so "respectable" and "reliable". This election will put them through "a baptism of fire" to see if there’s any real integrity and authenticity.

Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn (left), current Prime Minister Theresa May (right)

Caption: Labour Party's leader Jeremy Corbyn (left), current Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May (right)

I’m not a UK citizen and don’t live in the UK. I don’t have any vested interests in the election outcome. I could be wrong in my analysis, but I can say with impartiality that the Labour Party will win this election. However, as indicated by the still tight Moon-Mercury opposition, people won’t yet be entirely free from doubts and hesitations about their choices as they vote. Therefore, it seems probable that Labour will only win slightly more seats than its rival Conservative Party. As to whether that will be enough to form a government or they’ll need to partner with others to form a coalition, that’s not wholly clear from the chart (though if I were forced to make a guess, I’d say no coalition would be necessary).

Anyway, the Tories do stand a high chance of regretting this snap election which wasn’t supposed to happen until 2020…

(A post-election note: It turned out that the Conservative Party remained the largest party in Parliament after the election, but they lost the 6-seat majority they originally had, resulting in a "hung parliament". They'd expected a "landslide victory", but it turned out to be a heavy defeat! The Labour Party didn't win the election as such, but the turnout and results for them were so good that it felt like a victory!

Most astrologers would probably have deleted this article out of embarrassment as it shows they've made the "wrong" prediction, but I haven't done so because I think this election and the election chart are a very valuable object lesson: The election chart very effectively shows the public mood when polls open, but that may not necessarily equate with actual results. The Tories felt like they'd "lost" and Labour felt they'd "won", but in terms of the number of seats won, the former still had the most and remained the ruling party.)

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