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The Second House represents the chart owner’s money and possessions. The ruler of the house cusp and planets in this house indicate WITH WHAT (hence usually a talent, an ability of some sort) the person makes money. It also suggests what the person i...

以言論出位見稱、開罪了無數人的特朗普 (Donald Trump) 成為新一任的美國總統,入主白宮。他在參選期間給人的感覺是「不受控制」和「難以預測」,但有評論家認為他畢竟是生意人,總有務實面對問題的能耐,上任後自會收歛。由於他要搬離出生地紐約到華盛頓居住,這篇文章會從「移民占星學」(Relocation Astrology) 這另類角度,去看看他會是怎樣的一位總統。

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